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English and health care

Bring your children at harmony to make them more perfect on English language with a better supportive environment for their health as we have experienced teachers.

Mathematics and social studies

We have experienced teachers in teaching mathematics to make your child like maths subject and social studies in general for a child to know his/her rights


"This is the manner is which words are spelled" Makes your child to become more compitent in the act of writting words by using the letters conventionally accepted for their formation.


Harmony academy has the best teachers that can teach pupils the art of writting to ensure they are capable of having a good handwritting before they join higher levels

Arts and Craft

Pupils are involving in making things with one's own hands, both enjoy arts and craft. Your child may be creative because apart from being a hobby also may learn skills such as pottery.

personal development skills

Become more perfect in skill acquisition, skills capabilities, character building experieence and to improve professional relationship in the society.