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Masaki-Kitongoma Street

Open Time: 8.00am - 4.00pm

Saturday and Sunday - Closed

Our Features

Computer Lab

The school has computers for training to support change in technology.

Playing grounds

Harmony has a large playing ground with various swings for pupils to play during break time.


At harmony we have a subject of art so as to reveil our pupils talents such as drawing and singing.

Quality buildings

The school buildings are attractive with a fence to ensure maximum security for pupils.

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We provide the perfect education for your child every day

Change is the end result of all true learning.

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Our Events

Feature Events

Graduation Ceremony

Harmony School, Tz

Celebrating achievements,being with the people we shared a part of our life with, being proud of our journey "congratulations on our well-deserved success".


Awards For Best Pupils

Harmony School, Tz

Most of time awards are provided during end of term for all who performed well in their examination inorder to motivate them


Outdoor trips

Harmony school,Tz

At Harmony we provide outdoor trips for pupils to different places for enjoyment and mind refreshment as a part of studies


What student parents say

Our Testimonials

What's New

We have enough buildings and teachers

Harmony has many teachers to improve academics as well as enough buildngs for learning .

Increasing awards for best academic pupils

This means that our pupils received academic awards, they included with activities section like sports.

A safe caring school environment

A safe and caring school environment is one in which pupils feel positively connected to others, respected that their work is meaningful.




Sport Activities