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About Harmony

Harmony is located at Temeke Municipal, Toangoma street Masaki, in Dar es salaam Tanzania. Welcome to our school to be apart of our community.If your child is joining us for the first time,we welcome you as parents and look foward to a happy and successful partnership over the coming year.If you already have a child here, we hope to strengthern our existing links with you to enable us to provide the best education to our children.

We provide transport services also food for all our pupils especially breakfast and lunch. Our pupils are proud on how around our award-winning daycare and primary school, We deserve the best education since we provide best education.





Sport Activities

Our School

VISION -contributing in the large vision of crafting a better & brighter future.

MISSION -to provide place where children will be able to learn foundation skills{to provide high quality education and childcare in a safe and respectful environment}

CORE VALUE -{Inclusion}all children from any place are welcomed regadless their color, tribe or disability. {Safety}Harmony school will provide condusive environment for learning as we have transport service for all pupils, also our school is covered with strong fance with gate together with security for 24hours. {Accademic excelence}we meet accademic succes from accademic records in examinations. {Discipline} our pupils learn from their teachers.